WestJet Seat Selection Policy

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How to Upgrade Seats on WestJet Airlines?

If you have purchased flight tickets with WestJet Airlines and forgot to reserve your seat while making a flight reservation. Then, your solution is the WestJet seat selection policy. Moreover, it allows you to choose your preferred seat to sit. However, they may pay charges for this if required.

Besides, you will get facilitated with additional legroom, more comfort, and other luxurious facilities while flying with WestJet Airlines. Further, we will highlight all the related information related to WestJet seat selection that you must know before proceeding with the process.

Guidelines of the WestJet Seat Selection Policy

  • Passengers are allowed to upgrade their reserved seats to the upper class only on the flight. However, you are not able to upgrade your seat from business class to economy class as per WestJet seat selection
  • Besides, the seat selection must be made at the time of flight booking as the chances are high this time to get a preferred seat as per your choice because the seat availability will be high at this time.
  • Moreover, you can make a seat selection during your check-in. But, it depends on the availability of the seats on the flights.
  • If you wish to make a seat selection, you must do it 24 to 3 hours before the planned departure for the international flight and 24 to 2 hours before the flights scheduled departure for domestic routes. It can be done at the check-in counter.
  • If the passengers upgrade their seats from one flight class to another, they are required to rebook their flight rebooking.

Can You Choose A Seat After Booking A Flight?

Yes, passengers are allowed to choose their seats after booking their flight with WestJet Airlines. If you wish to select seats with WestJet, you must consider the given points below.

  • To select your seat, you must visit the official website of WestJet Airlines.
  • Then, you need to choose the “Check-in” tab and mention the required information in the given space.
  • Next, you have to select a seat upgrade service.
  • Further, you will be able to choose the class in which you want to select your seat and check seat availability also.
  • Lastly, you must pay the fee to confirm your seat selection with WestJet Airlines.

Process of Seat Selection While Making the Flight Reservation

Moreover, passengers can select WestJet seats while booking. Also, it is the best way to reserve your desired seat on the flight easily, as seat availability is high at this period. Follow the given below steps carefully to book your seat at the time of booking hassle-free:

  • First, you must head to the WestJet Airlines official website via a browser.
  • Second, just choose the “Manage Trip” option and then choose the “Manage Flight” tab from the menu.
  • Then, you have to login into your account using your login credentials to access your flight booking page.
  • Now, you will find a “Seat Selection” option in the menu.
  • Further, you can see a seat map in which you can view the available seats and then choose your favorite one.
  • Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions, and complete the seat selection procedure.

Ways to Upgrade WestJet Booking for Premium Service

If you wish to know the tips to select seats on WestJet Airlines easily. Then, you can consider the given below tips for the same. Moreover, the airline offers various options to upgrade their seats as per their suitability.

  • You can make it during Check-in
  • Besides, you may use WestJet reward points
  • Make an offer to upgrade your booking

Does WestJet Charge For Seat Selection?

Yes, WestJet Airlines applied charges for seat selection. However, the WestJet seat selection fee depends on the flight class. But, if you select your seat at check-in, the charges will automatically rise. It is advisable to select your preferred seat at the time of booking to avoid high charges. The fee criteria for seat selection are as follow:

  • With WestJet Airlines, the seat selection fee of the basic fare class at check-in time can be $3.85 to $ 90.
  • Additionally, the standard seat selection fee charges will be $3.85 to $46.
  • The charges for the basic fare class with preferred and exit row will be $7.70 to $90.
  • Moreover, the standard seat selection charges start from $3.85 to $86 for Economy Class.
  • Besides, if you choose a preferred exit row seat in the Economy class, you will pay $7.70 to $90.

What Does Preferred Seating Mean On WestJet? 

WestJet Airlines offers a preferred seating option for the convenience of its passengers. Preferred seats are placed at the front position in the flight. Passengers have various options for WestJet seat selection in which they select advanced seats such as Exit row seats, preferred seats, and standard seats. In addition, you can book these seats in advance with WestJet Airlines.

Is it worth upgrading seats to WestJet Plus? 

Yes, upgrading seats to WestJet plus at reasonable prices is always worth it. Also, you will get additional legroom and shoulder space with productive surroundings.

Bottom Line!

Travelers can dial our helpline number to connect with our travel experts for any assistance associated with WestJet seat selection. Feel free to connect with us 24/7.

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