Azores Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Learn About Azores Airlines Cancellation Policy

Portugal has one of the most efficient airline services in the name of Azores Airlines. It serves both domestically and internationally. If you have booked flights with Azores Airlines and now want to terminate your bookings, you must follow the Azores Airlines Cancellation Policy. The policies or the guidelines tell you the correct way to cancel your flight tickets so that you can do so while saving on the cancellation charges.

Let’s look into what the cancellation policy of Azores Airlines has to say about its passengers. Here are the points to be paid attention upon:

  • Passengers can withdraw their Azores flight either online or offline. For online cancellation, they need to approach the airline’s official website. For offline cancellation, they need to call the Azores Airlines customer service phone number, +1-860-498-9674.
  • Azores airlines also have a cancellation policy of 24 hours. That is, passengers can withdraw their flight tickets within a day or before completing 24 hours from the time of reservation. If any passengers fulfill this requirement, the bookings have been made at least 7 days before the flight’s scheduled departure, and they will get a complete refund.
  • Passengers canceling the flight ticket just before a few hours of the departure time and the flight being booked within the seven days before the departure will have to pay the amount as a penalty. The charges will depend upon the Azores Airlines fare rule.
  • If Azores Airlines cancels or delays the flight, they compensate for it.

So, this was all about one need to know about the Azores airlines cancel flight. Now, let’s learn about the Azores airline Refunds.

Azores Airlines Refund Policy

Go through these points about the Azores Airlines Refund Policy:

  • Passengers need to visit the official website of Azores Airlines to claim a refund. Fill the refund request form at the time of the flight ticket cancellation procedure itself.
  • The airline will refund the tickets that qualify for refunds after cancellation. Or you may say that the airline will give the complete payment reversal only for the flights that have been canceled within the active span of cancellation.
  • Azores Airlines usually require around 7 to 10 working days to process the refund.
  • The airlines demand valid photo identification of the traveler’s name before processing the refund.
  • In case if the ticket is partially used, the refund amount will be equal to the difference between the total fare and the fare used for services. Otherwise, the passengers get a full refund.

Azore Airlines Cancellation Fee:

If any passenger cancels their  Azores flight within a day, that is, 24 hours of the scheduled departure of your flight, you will have to pay a cancellation charge of $100 to $400. After canceling your flight ticket, you can also seek a cancellation. If a ticket cancellation request is filed after the 24-hour risk-free cancellation period, an Azores airline cancellation fee of $100 to $500 is applied.

How Do I Cancel Azores Airlines Flight?

So you have booked a flight with Azores Airlines and now need to cancel it. Well, you can terminate the flight bookings by opting between two modes, offline and online. We have explained both the processes in detail in the sections below.

Online Azores Airlines Cancellations:

  • Browse the Azores Airlines official website.
  • Using your email ID and password, complete your login process
  • Go to ‘Manage My Bookings’ (you need to visit the same section for Azores airline flight change)
  • Fill in all the details, procedures including Azores Airlines Flight Ticket Number and Confirmation Number.
  • Also, fill in the flight details such as the date, departure airport, arrival airport, and flight number.
  • The airlines might ask the reason for flight cancellation. So you should enter the valid reason for why you are canceling the flight ticket.
  • Once you are done with the passengers’ details, including the name of the passenger, the email address, and contact number, hit on the ‘cancel’ button.
  • ‘Submit’ the form
  • Sometimes you may have to pay the cancellation fee, if applicable.

Once you confirm the cancellation, you will receive an email confirming the ticket withdrawal and the refund. The airline takes  7 to 10business days to initiate the refund.

Azores Airlines Cancellations Via Call:

  • You can call either at Azores Airlines Customer service phone number, +1-860-498-9674, or at the airlines’ Reservation Department  +1-860-498-9674.
  • You will be immediately connected to an aviation member of the airline. Tell him that you want to cancel the flight.
  • Also, provide them with all the information related to flights, such as the confirmation number and the last name of the passengers.
  • The executive will brief you on everything related to the flight cancellation and refund status.
  • Once you agree with all the points, he will confirm the ticket termination on your behalf.

Then, you will be receiving the confirmation mail. And if applicable, the refund will be processed, which might take around 7 to 10 days to reflect in your bank accounts.

You can also visit the airport for the Azores Airlines ticket termination, except for these two processes.

Azores Airlines Cancellations FAQs

Is it Possible to Cancel a flight with Azores Airlines within 24 Hours?

Yes, regardless of pricing, all clients will have 24 hours from the time when the bookings have been done, to cancel their airline reservation without being charged something as a cancellation fee.

Is it Possible to seek a Refund from Azores Airlines?

Without a doubt. Your refund claim should be acceptable if Azores Airlines cancels your booked flight without sufficient reason. With our free calculator, you can determine how much Azores Airlines delay compensation you are entitled to. Keep your booking reference number available as you fill out our customer verification form.

Is it Possible to Amend my ticket rather than Cancel it?

Yes, you can change your reservation via the website or by calling the call center. Furthermore, if you change your reservation, the airline will charge you with an extra cost.

How long does Azores Airlines take to Process the Refund?

Azores Airlines usually require around 7 to 10 working days to process the refund.

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