Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy | Ticket Refund

Know About Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Guidelines

Hong Kong airlines serve around 47 destinations all over the world. It is one of the best airlines for the services and comfort it provides to passengers while traveling. Moreover, Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation is super flexible and easy-going if any passengers feel the need to do so.

We have explained the cancellation and refund policies of Hong Kong airlines in detail for all the passengers traveling with the airline.

Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy:

Before moving on to  Hong Kong airlines cancel flight procedure, have a glance at the cancellation following policy:

  • You can cancel your ticket within 24 hours after the reservation for free cancellation
  • The cancellation fee or the cancellation charges always depends upon the type of the fare and the time of cancellation
  • Only tickets purchased qualify for online cancellation. This means that the mode of reservation and the way of cancellation should be the same
  • You can cancel your flight if the airline has delayed the flight for more than 3 hours
  • Remember to cancel the flight a week before the flight departure so that you can claim the refund.

How can I Cancel a Hong Kong Airlines Flight Ticket?

  • Visit the official website of the airlines.
  • Go to the ‘Manage Booking’ tab
  • Enter your first and last name, and confirmation number
  • Fill in the correct details
  • Cancel the ticket now
  • You will receive a cancellation ticket

You can also go for cancellation procedures through some other mode such as via call or visiting the airport directly.

Hong Kong Airlines Refund Policy

This is a question about whether or not the passengers get refunds for their Hong Kong Airlines canceled flights. If you want a payment reversal when you cancel the flight ticket, you need to keep these points in your mind:

  • Make sure to book your tickets with an official website or through any other but authorized platform.
  • You will get a refund only if you cancel the ticket 7 days prior to the flight departure date, provided you cancel the flight 24 hours from the scheduled departure.
  • Your refund will be sent to the source account only, and you cannot ask the airline to change it.
  • All the tickets, including non-refundable tickets, are eligible for a full refund.
  • The passengers need to submit the refund request within 60 days of the scheduled departure.
  • The airlines will take at least 7 days to process the refund. And your bank might take a few more days to show the transaction in your account.

Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation FAQs

What If a Passenger Cancels  Hong Kong Airlines Flight?

This will solely depend on two things:

  • Your flight ticket type
  • The time of cancellation

Irrespective of the fare type, you will get a refund if you withdraw your ticket within 24 hours.

Is it Possible to Cancel a Hong Kong Airlines Ticket within 24 Hours of Departure?
Yes, irrespective of fare, the passengers have a day’s time, 24 hours in their hands, from the time of the booking. They can cancel their bookings or reservations without being charged a cancellation fee if they follow this rule.
Do I get a Refund for Hong Kong Airlines Flight Cancellation?

The passenger should only expect the refund for the canceled tickets if bot of these points is fulfilled:

  • The cancellation was done 7 days before the flight departure
  • The cancellation has been made within 24 hours of reservation.

If a passenger fulfills the above points, they are eligible for a full refund.

What is the Best way to find out If the Hong Kong Airlines Ticket is Refundable?
To see whether you can get payment reversal for your canceled Hong Kong Airlines ticket, go to http://www.hongkongairlines.com/, enter the ticket or document number, and Hong Kong Airlines will show you the refund eligibility and information. Even if the ticket is non-refundable, a passenger can change his or her plans and use the money to book another Hong Kong Airlines flight.
Can I Claim Compensation from Hong Kong Airlines for a Two-Hours Flight delay?
You are legally entitled to compensation if the delay is attributable to Hong Kong Airlines’ negligence and the replacement flight makes your arrival by two or more hours. Your Hong Kong Airlines Flight was canceled with less than 14 days until departure.
Can I Cancel my Hong Kong Flight via Call?

Yes, what you need to do is just dial the toll-free number of the airline at +1-860-498-9674. You will be connected to the airline representative. he/she will be telling you all the details about the cancellation, as well as about the refund policy.

  • Only once you are satisfied, the airlines confirm the cancellation.
  • An email is sent to your registered mail id confirming the cancellation and mentioning the refund amount at the same time.
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