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Child Traveling Alone on Alaska Airlines – Policy

Are you searching for minor flights on Alaska Airlines? Do you know the guidelines for minor travel and the service booking requirements? Customers can visit the airline’s official site and book the Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor service for child’s travel.

Alaska Airlines allows children between 5 and 17 years to fly alone on domestic and international flights. There are special rules on booking the minor service allotted depending on a particular age group.

Fees and Age Restrictions under the Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Travel

Not all age groups are applicable to fly alone under an Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor service. There are certain restrictions for different age groups and fees paid during check-in, at a check-in kiosk, and at any ticket counter.

Children Under 5 to 7 Age Group

  1. Minors must book the Junior Jetsetter service and fly only on non-stop and direct flights.
  2. Moreover, the flights cannot begin flying between 9 pm and 5 am.
  3. There is a requirement for a gate escort and parent’s or local guardian contact information.
  4. The unaccompanied minor fee for a round trip is $50 for a particular age group.

Unaccompanied Minors Between 8 and 12 years

  1. Under the 8 to 12 years age group, you have to book the Junior Jetsetter minor service.
  2. Customers must provide gate escort and guardian contact to the team.
  3. No kids between 8 and 12 years can book red-eye flights under the Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor travel.
    In addition, travel is not possible on red-eye flights.
  4. Minors cannot board the last flight of the day unless it is the only flight available.
  5. For flying on non-stop or direct flights, you have to pay $50 per child each way. However, when flying on a connecting flight, the unaccompanied minor fee will be $75 both ways.

Children Under the Age Group of 13 and 17 years

  1. Junior Jetsetter service is optional for kids under the age group of 13 and 17 years.
  2. The airline will ask you to submit the gate escort and guardian contact details.
  3. Unless there is no other option left, kids cannot board the day’s last flight.
  4. The Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor fee is the same as for children between 8 and 17 years old.

What is offered under unaccompanied minor service on Alaska Airlines?

When flying with Alaska Airlines, children can get access to high-quality services and complete assistance from flight attendants. Moreover, they can avail the following services.

  • Minors will get flight boarding priority and comfortable seats with special safety from flight attendants. Kids will get a wristband and lanyard so that it gets easy for flight representatives to recognize them.
  • They will receive an entertainment tablet during the flight, available on Hawaii flights.
  • In addition, they will get a complimentary meal on flights more than two hours in length.

Key Highlights of the Alaska Airline Unaccompanied Minor Policy

  • Under an Alaska Airline unaccompanied minor service, the airline will not accept child guests due to disruptions caused by weather conditions.
  • If there is an unplanned interruption, the guardian has to approve rebooking flights for a minor.
  • Children with MVP, Gold, or Gold 75K Mileage Plan status can fly for free.
  • Moreover, kids of 8 to 12 years can book the minor service for flights involving transfers or connecting flights.
  • Alaska Airlines suggests parents take children at least 90 minutes before departure at the airport for domestic flights. In comparison, reach two hours early for an international flight.
  • The service does not allow children to fly alone on a flight with connections of more than two hours. A flight representative may ask you to provide your valid birth certificate or passport upon check-in at the airport.

How to Book Unaccompanied Minors Alaska Airlines Flights?

If your child falls under the category of the age group decided by the airline, book flights for them. To know a way to book unaccompanied minor flights, you may call the team and seek instant assistance.

  • Contact the team at +1 (800) 252-7522 and request the representative to book unaccompanied minors Alaska Airlines flights for kids.
  • Once you are connected, share your travel requirements, and they will search for the best flights and comfortable seats.
  • On the other hand, you can also fill out an unaccompanied minor form to book the service at your convenience.
  • Most importantly, online flight bookings under minor travel are not possible for flights connecting to/from other airline flights.

Are there any restrictions on the Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Travel?

Under the Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor travel, children between 5 and 17 years cannot fly alone. Moreover, they are restricted to both domestic and international flights.

Before making flight reservations for minors, let’s look at the restrictions imposed by Alaska Airlines.

  • If your child wishes to fly alone as a part of the airline’s Jetsetters program, the kid must have reached their fifth birthday.
  • Moreover, you must provide a birth certificate or a passport as proof of age while check-in at the airport.
  • The Junior Jetsetter minor program is compulsory for children between 5 and 12 years of flying without a parent/guardian. However, the service is optional for children 13 to 17 years old flying without an adult passenger.
  • You can choose “0 adults” and the total number of children traveling in the “children” field to book a child.
  • In addition, the airline limits the number of minors on each flight.
  • Minors cannot book the day’s last connecting flight unless no flights are left for travel.
  • For children of 5 to 7 years old, the airline will not book them on flights involving transfers or connections.
  • Kids flying alone cannot board flights with connections of two hours or more waiting time.
  • Minors flying alone must be subjected to seat reassignment at the airport.

What are the Requirements for Guardians or Parents Booking Minors on Alaska Airlines?

Guardians or parents accompanying minors must obtain an escort pass from the airport ticket counter. Afterward, they can accompany a child guest of 18 or more years from the gate.

Alaska Airlines approves two adults, children of 13 years, and an accompanying guest to go through the security checkpoint. In addition, they need to reach the airport at least 90 minutes before departure to receive the passes. The escort passes might not be available in Canada, Mexico, or stations where the checkpoint is not open.

If the child guest opts for the minor service, they must meet the following requirements.

  • The guardian must be in the flight boarding area until the flight of the child guest has departed.
  • They need to submit a valid photo ID while picking up the kid. Also, the guardians must be listed on the contact form.
  • In addition, you can fill out the unaccompanied minor application at the airport.
  • Suppose a friend or family member is about to meet the minor on a connecting flight. In that case, you must call the airline’s flight reservation center at 1-800-252-7522 and inform the same to the executive.

What things should Parents or Guardians remember when dropping and picking up the kid on Alaska Airlines?

Parents or guardians should bring unaccompanied minors to the departure airport at least 90 minutes before departure for domestic flights. However, children should be there at least two hours in advance when flying on an international flight.

  • While you are at a ticket counter, inform the executive that your child is flying as a minor. Moreover, they should complete and sign the guardian contact form on the airline’s site.
  • In addition, you must be at the gate along with the minor at least 40 minutes before departure.
  • Parents or adult passengers dropping off the kid must remain at the gate until the child’s flight has departed.

Alaska Airlines FAQs

Can kids fly for free on Alaska Airlines?

Minors can fly for free on Alaska flights as long as they have the Gold 75 MileagePlan, MVP, and MVP Gold status. The minor fee may differ with a different type of flight/fares or the level of Elite status.

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