How Do I Select My Seat On Sun Country?

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Sun Country Seat Selection Policy- Choose Preferred Seats

Travelers usually think that they will get their preferred seat or not when they board their flight. Well, people who confirm their seats while booking their flight tickets will surely get their booked seats under Sun Country seat selection policy.

However, the airline may penalize you for selecting a seat. Moreover, travelers can choose the seat on a Sun Country flight at the time of booking, checking in online, and right prior to boarding the flight. In this post, you will be able to learn the process of seat selection and its charges.

What Is Sun Country Seat Selection?

Sun Country Airlines allows its passengers to choose their desired seats on the plane. However, if you forget to select your seat while booking, Sun Country will assign you a random seat at the time of boarding. Moreover, the airline offers three seating options Standard, Best, and Exit row seats. Besides, you need to grab the seat while booking if you wish to get your desired seats because the chances are increased to acquire the best seat while reserving a flight on Sun Country.

Procedure to Select Sun Country Airlines Seats

People can make seat selections in three phases, while booking, during check-in online, and before boarding. Moreover, it is suggested to select your seat while making a flight reservation to obtain the best seats. Further, check out the methods given below:

Seat Selection during Booking

  • First, go to the official website of the airline.
  • Secondly, locate the “Book a flight” option.
  • Then, enter the required details in the provided space. Ensure that you have cleared your preference with dates, destinations, and the number of seats.
  • After that, click on the “Flight Search” tab. Then, you will have various flight options to your desired destination.
  • Now, choose a flight option that suits your budget and move ahead to the next page.
  • Here, you will find a “Sun Country Seat Selection” option beside your booking details. Click on it.
  • Now, a seat map will open on your screen, and you need to select the seat as per your preference.
  • Further, select a seat from the available options and move to the payment page.
  • Once you are done with the above process, you will get a confirmation email.

Note: If you are traveling with additional luggage, you need to add baggage space to your flight reservation. Moreover, this service is also provided on the same page as seat selection.

Seat Selection While Check-in Online

If you skip the seat selection while booking your Sun Country flight tickets, then you choose your seats at the time check-in begins.

  • First, open the official website of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Then, choose the check-in button from the menu.
  • After that, provide the required information for your flight booking.
  • Now, click on the check-in option, and move to the next page.
  • Here, you will find the option of “Sun Country Airlines seat selection.”
  • Further, go ahead with this option, and book your favorite seat using the seat map.
  • Next, head to the payment page and pay the applicable charges to confirm your seat.
  • At last, the airline will send you an e-boarding pass within a few hours.

Seat Selection before Boarding

It is the last and free chance to get your desired seat on the plane while boarding your flight. Moreover, Sun Country Airlines will notify you about the remaining seats, and you can choose your desired seat from the available seating options. Besides, it is free of cost but quite risky. Ensure that you may get the worst seat on the aircraft. On the other hand, you may get the best seat for free if you are lucky enough.

Tips To Get Good Seats on Sun Country Airlines

Below are some tips that help to get the best Sun Country Airlines seats on the flight.

  • For international Flights, you should try to book or select your seats in advance online at least 24 hours prior to the departure time.
  • Besides, if you did not make a seat assignment in advance, then you will get a seat that time without paying anything.
  • Similarly, the seats can be selected at the airport during the check-in starts up to three hours before the scheduled departure.

Further, if you wish to know more about Sun Country seat selection, you can call the customer service team of the airline, who is available 24/7 to assist you in every possible way.

How Much Does It Cost To Select Seats On Sun Country?

Well. Sun Country gives the leverage to choose your desired seat for free within 24 hours of flight booking. However, if you miss this time frame, you will be responsible for paying Sun Country Airlines seat selection fees. Besides, the charges to select a seat ranges from $2 to $35. Moreover, the seat selection fees depend on some specified factors such as the selected seat, type of ticket, and time of departure.

Can You Get A Free Seat Selection Of Seats On Sun Country Airlines?

Yes, you can select your seat for free when you choose your seat within 24 hours of the purchase. Moreover, you can also make the changes without paying anything at the official website of the airline or at the time check-in starts.

What Happens If You Don’t Select A Seat In Sun Country?

If the passenger did not make the seat selection while booking, then do not worry, as the airline allows you to select your desired seat on the flight. However, you need to pay the Sun Country seat fees to the airline. On the other hand, Sun Country assigned random seats to the passengers when they did not select their seats. Additionally, if you select a seat within 24 hours of booking, then you do not need to pay any charges.

Does Seat Selection Increase The Ticket Prices On Sun Country Airlines?

As we discussed above, Sun Country seat selection fees start from $2 to $35, based on the seating option and flight destinations. Sometimes, you have to pay additional charges due to seat availability.

Can You Select Seats On Sun Country?

Yes, you can select your desired seats on Sun Country as per the seat selection policy. Besides, the airline offers various seating options as per the requirements of the passengers. So, you can book any seat as per your suitability. You are free to choose a seat without paying charges while booking. Otherwise, the airline will penalize you.

Final Takeaway!

Having further queries or issues regarding Seat selection Sun Country, dial Sun Country’s customer service number to talk to a live person or visit the main website of the airline.

Sun Country FAQs

Is it worth paying extra for seat selection?

No, it is often around $10 to $30 for each segment per seat. So, it can add up immediately when you cave in and pay for it. Consequently, don’t ever pay to pick a seat, no matter who you are flying with.

How do I avoid seat selection fees?

If you wish to select your desired seat but do not wish to pay the Sun Country Airlines seat selection fees. Then, you need to make a seat assignment at the time of making a flight reservation.

What happens if I skip seat selection?

Passengers who skip the seat selection process while booking Sun Country tickets. Then, you may get stuck in the middle-row seat when you do not pay for one.

Can you ask for a free seat upgrade?

The best way of getting a seat upgrade for free is to have elite status with the airline you are traveling with. Moreover, most airlines reward their frequent flyers with complimentary upgrades on domestic travel.

Do seats get cheaper closer to the flight?

No, plane tickets do not get cheaper closer to the scheduled departure date. Instead, the flights tend to be inexpensive if you book between four to weeks prior to the scheduled departure date.

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