How to Choose Seats on Iberia Airlines?

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How Can I Choose My Seats On Iberia?

Selecting a seat in advance can make your journey more enjoyable. Therefore, airlines have separate policies for seat assignment, such as the Iberia Seat Selection policy. You can book an early seat while purchasing the ticket from the website, making the experience memorable.

On some fare categories, the airlines offer a free chance to select your seat in advance. The Iberia seat assignment is ideal if you want to sit with your partner or prefer an aisle/ window seat. With this, you can even secure a seat with more legroom.

Read and find out the basic details of the seat assignment process of the Spanian air carrier.

Do you have to choose a seat on Iberia?

If the booking doesn’t allow free seat assignment, the passenger be allocated a random seat when they check in (24 hours before the departure of your flight). Hence, choosing a seat in advance is optional because the airline will allot a seat when you check in for the flight.

However, even though airlines try to, Iberia Seat Selection policy states that there is no guarantee that the airlines will seat together all the passengers in a reservation. The seat allotment is entirely random, so passengers are suggested to pick a preference in advance.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight with Iberia?

Passengers can select their seats while booking or after booking their flight. Otherwise, you can reserve a seat from the airport during check-in or at the last minute. Here is the process to get your chair online or offline directly from the airlines:

Via The Booking Management Option

  • Visit the official site of Iberia Airlines.
  • Further, go to the “Your Flights” menu option.
  • From the “bookings” bar, click the “manage your booking” sub-menu.
  • After that, retrieve your ticket by entering the passenger’s name and the booking code.
  • Click the “manage your booking” button and review the ticket details.
  • Look for the Iberia Airlines seat selection map to choose your preference.

Finally, as per your preference and ticket type, you may have to pay a fee to reserve your seat booking. To book a seat choice during flight check-in, use the online check-in option on the website.

Through The Customer Service

  • Dial the customer service number 1 (800) 772-4642 or OTA 1 (860) 498-9674.
  • Press 1 to pick a language and 2 to book a flight.
  • Press 3 for existing reservations and 4 for baggage assistance.
  • Dial 5 for the Iberia Seat Selection facility and provide the necessary details.
  • If there is a long wait time, go back to the main menu and dial the key to contact an executive.

Once the call connects, the live person will ask you for ticket details and let you know if you are eligible for free or paid seat assignments. The Iberia select seats facility charges would be different for every seat.

How much does Iberia charge for seat selection?

One can find the exact Iberia seat selection fee when you access the manage booking option or go through the online check-in for your upcoming flight. Economy class flyers usually don’t have a free seat assignment, so they have to pay for different types of seats.

Domestic FlightMiddle East/ Africa/ Europe flightsLong-haul flights
Standard SeatsOnline: starts from €4/USD 5/GBP 3


Airport: starts from € 6/USD 7/GBP 6

Online: starts from € 10/USD 12/GBP 9


Airport: starts from€ 12/USD 15/GBP 11

Online: starts from €20/USD 24/GBP 18


Airport: starts from€ 24/USD 29/GBP 22

Front SeatOnline: starts from € 7/USD 9/GBP 6


Airport: starts from € 9/USD 11/GBP 8

Online: starts from € 13/USD 16/GBP 12


Airport: starts from € 15/USD 18/GBP 14

Online: starts from €25/USD 31/GBP 23


Airport: starts from € 30/USD 37/GBP 28

Emergency ExitOnline: starts from € 10/USD 12/GBP 9


Airport: starts from € 12/USD 15/GBP 11

Online: starts from €20/USD 24/GBP 18


Airport: starts from € 24/USD 29/GBP 22

Online: starts from €70/USD 85/GBP 64


Airport: starts from € 75/USD 92/GBP 69

XL SeatOnline: starts from € 12/USD 15/GBP 11


Airport: starts from € 14/USD 17/GBP 13

Online: starts from € 22/USD 27/GBP 20


Airport: starts from € 26/USD 32/GBP 24

Online: starts from €45/USD 55/GBP 42


Airport: starts from € 50/USD 61/GBP 47

To find out the actual iberia seat selection cost, kindly talk to a live person from the airline or check out the manage my booking/online check-in option for more information.

Terms & Conditions- Iberia Select Seats

Every seat assignment policy has some guidelines and restrictions; the same applies to Iberia Airlines choose seats facility. Read and find out more here:

  • Cost: The fee to choose a seat depends upon the destination or origin of your flight and seat preference (aisle, window, legroom, etc.)
  • Airport/ online: The Iberia choose seats fee is higher when you select your preference at the airport. Moreover, you may not even get your favorite seat since it’s the last minute.
  • Variability: The fee is subject to change. Recheck the fee before finalizing your chair reservation.
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