TAP Portugal Cancellation Policy

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Tap Air Portugal Cancellation Policy | Refund & Fee | 24 hours

Know About TAP Portugal Cancellation Policy

You can anytime fall into some undesirable situation where you might need to cancel your scheduled tour. And you have to cancel your flight tickets as a result. During this, TAP Portugal Cancellation Policy would help you find the correct and easy way to make cancellations.

Factors Affecting TAP Air Portugal Cancellation’s Policy:

  • Types of flight ticket-refundable or non-refundable.
  • Routes and destinations the passengers have chosen.
  • Fees and rules for making changes or canceling the reservation.

How to Cancel TAP Portugal Flights?

Now when it comes to answering how to cancel TAP Portugal flights, it can be in two different modes: online and offline.

Firstly, By going to the airline’s official website and clicking on manage my bookings,’ you may always cancel or make modifications to your ticket. After that, All you have to do now is fill in the blanks and press the cancel button. For Example, Here are the steps explained in simple words:

Online Flight Cancellation:

  • On your computer, open any web browser. To learn more about TAP Portugal, go to http://www.flytap.com/. In the top right corner of the web page, click the ‘Login’ or ‘Sign In’ button. Fill in your TAP Portugal login information. To log in, click the yellow ‘Log In’ button.
  • In case you have lost your TAP reservation credentials, immediately go to the ‘Need help logging in’ option appearing just below in the right corner.
  • You can also try the “Remember Me?” option if you are a regular customer of TAP Portugal.
Note: You can also head directly towards the TAP Portugal cancellation web page if you are not a regular airline traveler and don’t have an account.
  • Carefully fill in your name and confirmation number. Click on the ‘Continue button.’
  • Select the ‘Flight/Hotel/Car’ option appearing at the top of the page. Then choose the ‘Manage TAP Portugal Reservation’ link.
  • Select ‘TAP Portugal Cancel Reservation’ from the drop-down menu. Then select ‘Manage Reservations’ from the drop-down menu.
  • The ‘Cancel Reservation’ button to cancel your reservation.
  • On your screen, three boxes will appear, demanding a confirmation number, first name, and last name. Then click on the ‘Continue’ option.
  • Remember to use the actual name that you used when booking your TAP Portugal flight ticket.
  • Check your booked ticket history in your TAP Portugal account if you don’t know your flight ticket confirmation number.
  • The air ticket confirmation number can also be found in your registered email address, which you provided when purchasing the flight ticket.
  • Examine the specifics of your TAP Portugal flight. You must cancel the entire trip if you booked a round trip. It is not possible to withdraw only a portion of the travel. Unfortunately, if you booked a one-way flight, this will not be an issue.
  • Go to ‘Travel Funds’ to verify the refund status. It will tell you whether or not the amount you paid for your ticket is refundable.
  • You can check the box next to ‘Request a refund’ if it says ‘Refundable.’ You will not receive any money back if it indicates “non-refundable.”
  • The ‘Cancel My Reservation?’ option can be found at the bottom of the TAP Portugal cancellation web page. At the last, To cancel your TAP Portugal ticket reservation, click the ‘Yes, Cancel’ option.

All reservations made by agents or at reservation counters will be canceled only there.

TAP Portugal 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

TAP Portugal 24 hours Cancellation Policy also comes under TAPair Portugal cancellation policy and has some simple guidelines. These are the very basic ones. They are:

  • Passengers need to cancel their bookings within days, before the completion of 24 hours from the time reservation.
  •  If you fail to follow the above point, you are going to be charged a cancellation fee. Otherwise, you are eligible for claiming refunds.

For more details on the TAP Air Portugal cancellation policy, you can also directly speak to a person from the airline by calling +351 218 431 100

TAP Portugal Refund Policy

Of course, when an airline proposes a cancellation policy, it will also come up with refund policies. TAP Portugal Refund policy is amongst them, which says:

  • In case, If you book your flights within seven days of the flight’s scheduled departure, you will have to pay the cancellation charge.
  • If you made your reservations through any travel agent, you could not expect an online cancellation and refund.
  • To avail of the full refund, make sure to cancel the flights before completing 24 hours from the time of reservation.
  • If the airline has canceled the scheduled flight for any reason, bet it a bad weather condition or government orders, the passengers are entitled to cancellation compensation.

TAP Air Portugal Cancellation Fee:

  • As mentioned above, there are no cancellation charges if you withdraw your reservation just within 24 hours.
  • If FLYTRAP initiates the refund, there will be no cost to pay. Furthermore, regardless of the flight pricing, if the refund is applied through the customer center, you will be required to pay 30 EUR / USD 40 / CAD 50 for each flight ticket.

TAP Portugal FAQs

What Happens If I Cancel a Non-Refundable Ticket?
If a passenger is canceling a non-refundable ticket with  TAP Portugal, they will have to pay between $ 200 and $ 500, depending on the flight’s duration, location, and fare class. The remaining prize will be in the shape of an electronic credit that you can use on a TAP Portugal flight in the future.
What Happens If the TAP Portugal Flight gets Delayed?
If TAP Portugal is responsible for the delay and the replacement flight delays, you have the legal right to compensation. This is possible if the flight is delayed for two hours or more, and TAP Portugal canceled your flight fewer than 14 days before departure.
What is the TAP Portugal Cancellation Fee?
If you cancel your ticket after the 24-hour cancellation period, you will be charged a price of $100 to $500 by TAP Portugal.
How do I Get my Money Back from TAP Air Portugal?
You can seek a refund in the same method you paid for the ticket or via bank transfer by filling out this form. If you cannotAircan not air use our website and your journey is within the next 72 hours, we ask that you contact us by phone.
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