Alaska Airlines Military Discounts

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Are you a military member or contribute to the safety of the nation? If yes, obtain an Alaska Airlines military discount and travel with the world for free and tag your family too.

Alaska Airlines appreciates the incredible work of active duty members, veterans, and military personnel. Therefore, the airline provides a discount on military airfare on flights and other travel-related services.

Active-duty members and dependents can get access to special military fares when flying. Moreover, if you are already a member, sign in to your VetRewards to redeem your military discount.

Who is Eligible for an Alaska Airlines Military Discount?

Alaska Airlines offers special military and veterans discounts on flight bookings and other purchasing other airfare services. However, there are certain rules and regulations on who can get the military discount.

  • US military personnel flying on an official excused absence will be applicable for a military discount.
  • Moreover, active duty military service is for military members discharged from one of the US military agencies. They must complete all travel within seven days of discharge.
  • Military reserves on active duty can book the discounted military fares.
  • The fare also covers the immediate family members of the US active duty military personnel. It also includes spouse or military dependents of 10 or elder and must have a dependent ID. Also, children under the age group of 2-9 can avail themselves of the military discount.

Does Alaska Airlines have a Veteran Discount?

You must be thinking if Alaska Airlines have a military discount and the answer is yes. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can get the discounts and fly at an affordable or no fare.

You may call the airline’s team at 1-800-252-7522 and make a flight booking along with an Alaska Airlines veteran discount.

Rules and Regulations on an Alaska Airlines Military Discount

There are certain rules and regulations on applying for an Alaska Airlines military discount, which you can read below.

  • A military passenger must present a valid active duty Armed Forces of the US Identification Card.
  • Moreover, they should have the separation documents for flying within seven days of discharge from the military services.
  • Members traveling with a military member must be legally dependent and have valid documentation while check-in.
  • In addition, military dependents 10 or older must have a tan Uniform Services Department Identification.
  • They must have a Privilege Card marked as “active” at the check-in counter.
  • Service members have to complete their trip within days of discharge.
  • The military discount does not apply to someone who is on temporary orders flying to/from the temporary duty stations.
  • The military fare is applicable on Alaska, SkyWest, PenAir, and Horizon flights served as Alaska Airlines flights.
  • You can contact the airline’s customer service center to achieve the military discount valid only on new tickets.
  • Suppose the name of a spouse, child, or dependent is different than the military member. In that case, you have to share your data with additional information to prove your relationship with them.
  • Instant flight ticket is suggested to obtain a discount.

Contact the Alaska Airlines Flight Representative to Book

Passengers can apply a special discount when booking Alaska Airlines flights and make travel plans at a cost-effective budget. Reach out to an expert at 1-800-252-7522 and seek assistance in applying for a military discount on your upcoming flight.

If you are hearing and speech impaired, call on 711 and receive the best instant relay services. Furthermore, the concerned person will make you aware of Alaska Airlines’ veteran’s advantage and make your journey hassle-free.

Perks of Military Discounts

If you have booked a military fare, the Alaska Airlines military dependents and service members can have the following perks.

  • Members can carry five checked bags up to 70 lbs on the plane for free of cost as per the travel orders.
  • Moreover, active duty members and dependents can travel with pets by paying an additional fee of $150 plus taxes.
  • The airline also offers 15% off on food purchased onboard to all the members and their families.
  • In addition, get complimentary day passes for U.S military personnel flying in uniform and the flight ready to depart within three hours. By showing a valid ID, they can receive the day passes at a discounted price of $30.
  • When it’s time to fly, the airline will give you boarding priority. Also, you can easily settle into your seat earlier than other customers.

Military Members on Alaska Airlines FAQs

Is baggage free for military members on Alaska Airlines?

As per the policy, armed forces members can take up to five checked bags for free and receive guaranteed discounts. Moreover, you need to visit the airport check-in counter and carry a valid military ID to apply for the discount.

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