Will Spirit Airlines Let Me Change My Flight?

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Plans change, and it is quite common among travelers. Spirit Airlines knows that problems can pop up anytime to hamper your travel plan. Therefore, it allows passengers to make changes to their itineraries at the earliest. Moreover, if you are a flexible flyer, then there is no better choice for you than this airline. You can easily opt for the Spirit Airlines change flight process, or cancel it. Confirm your booking, and you can change your flight later on at much ease.

Yes, Spirit Airlines lets flyers change their flight. However, they may have to pay a certain fee for changing the flight depending on when they are initiating the flight change. Moreover, the airline offers multiple methods to cancel or change the flight efficiently and quickly. You can use any of the methods to confirm your change. Let’s know more about this.

Major Highlights of the Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy

Spirit Airlines help passengers to meet travel requirements most effectively. Moreover, the booking team also makes modifications to the tickets on behalf of customers. If you wish to change the flight information before departure, you must read about the airline’s flight cancellation policy.

  • Passengers don’t have to pay an additional fee for changing flight tickets within 24 hours of the initial purchase. But once you cross the deadline, the team charges the penalty for flight change requests.
  • In addition, there is no fee for unavoidable events like death, health issues, and government orders. You have to present valid documents to prove the same.
  • If Spirit Airlines change the flight schedule, claim compensation based on the airline’s flight change policy.
  • Moreover, one can use the flight credit while making Spirit Airlines booking to get the trip change coverage.
  • Suppose your travel plans change due to some reasons. In that situation, you can change a ticket up to an hour before the scheduled flight departure.
  • To make online flight changes, choose the “Manage Booking” feature and follow the on-screen instructions on the site.

What happens if Spirit Airlines changes your Flight?

Spirit Airlines may change your scheduled flight for some unavoidable reasons like death, lack of passengers, and bad weather. You can claim a refund if the airline changes or cancels your trip a few hours or days before departure.

  • You may reach out to a team member and tell them your booking details, and they will initiate a refund.
  • Also, if you want to fly and complete the trip, request the executive to arrange another flight the next day.
  • The airline may give you a flight credit in your wallet, which you can use to book an award flight. Moreover, there will be no extra charges for making a new flight reservation to the existing destination.

Does Spirit Airlines allow Flyers to standby for an earlier Flight?

If you wish to fly on the same day of the travel, you can book an earlier flight. In addition, it will require an additional fee of $99.00 per person to avail the particular service.

Suppose there is no flight available on that particular day; the airline will put you on standby. If someone doesn’t turn up on the departure day, the team will notify you and book you for that seat.

How early should I reach the airport for standby on Spirit Airlines?

Passengers can reach the airport at least two hours before the scheduled flight departure when put on standby. However, you don’t have to come too early to catch the flight, especially when you are flying on standby.

The flight representative will only help until you are close to the flight boarding time and have available seats. Additionally, there are no charges to be on standby by the airline. You may contact the airline’s customer service team to confirm your standby flight a few hours before departure.

Change and Cancelation Charges of Spirit Airlines Change Flight

Passengers are even allowed to make changes even an hour before the scheduled departure of the flight. Make sure to check the fees that you will have to pay for changing your flight. Here is the list of charges for the change or cancelation of the flight.

  • 0-6 days prior to the departure – $79
  • 7-14 days prior to the departure – $59
  • 15-59 days prior to the departure – $39
  • 60+ days prior to the departure – Free

Yes, you can even change your flight for free if you do it 60 or more days before your trip. To initiate the Spirit Airlines book a flight process, and stay worry-free about your journey.

Ways to Perform Changes to the Current Itinerary

Spirit Airlines offers different ways to change your flight. However, the most used is the airline’s official site. It has a user-friendly interface for your convenience. In addition to this, the official site enlightens you with all the important information. Here are different methods to change your flight.

  • Make changes online through the “My Trips” section.
  • You can text the airline on WhatsApp.
  • Visit the social media platforms of Spirit, and direct message the airline about your concern.
  • Connect with the agent through the airline’s phone number to change your flight with the help of the airline executive.
  • Go to the ticket reservation center at the airport, and share your concern with him. It is the traditional way to do it but is not very popular now.

Both online and offline methods are easy to use, but going to the airport needs some extra time and effort from you.

Steps to Change Your Spirit Airlines Online

Perform the following steps to change your spirit airlines from the comfort of your home.

  • Go to the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • On the top of the homepage, click on the “My Trips” tab, and insert all required details.
  • After that, you will have to enter your last name and the confirmation code.
  • Choose the “Continue” tab and review the details of your reservation.
  • Find out the “Change flight” button, and click on it.
  • Insert other mandatory details, and keep following the on-screen instructions.
  • Check whether your new fare is more expensive than the original one or the less expensive, and confirm your change.

Pay the fare difference it needs to, and book tickets on another flight. Conform Spirit Airlines reservations, and have a stress-free journey.

Can I Request Flight Changes over a Phone Call?

At Spirit Airlines, one can change the flight details through online or offline methods as per the convenience. For making offline changes, flyers can request Spirit Airlines change flight service over a phone call. The airline won’t charge an additional fee for offering assistance to change tickets on a call. Moreover, dial the toll-free helpline number +1-860-498-9674 and request the representative to make changes on your behalf. Besides, drop a text at 48763 and seek help from the team while changing the ticket information.

Does Spirit Airlines Allow Same-day Flight Changes?

Travelers can choose the same-day Spirit Airlines change flight service and make desired upgrades on the original travel date. They can choose the new flight on the same routes and between the same airports as per the current ticket. However, if you have already checked in, you cannot choose an earlier flight. Also, remember that the same-day change flight facility is not applicable on long-haul flights. Moreover, pay additional fees based on the fare type and fare difference to modify the itinerary on the departure day.

How to Modify the Name on the Spirit Flight Ticket?

Spirit Airlines gives the flexibility to make minor changes like changing the ticket’s name, date, and destination. Suppose you have made a spelling mistake in a hurry; contact the service team to make the corrections for free. After that, you have to send the details for the name change and attach valid documents over the mail.

Here are a few following things that you must know for making same-say flight upgrades –

  • A passenger can change the trip date on the day of travel.
  • In addition, one cannot change the layover flight to a non-stop flight.
  • Suppose you have booked new flights, then you can change the same route when flying on the same dates.
  • Passengers can either choose an earlier flight or the next available flight.
  • Moreover, other changes include passport information, gender, contact details, and date of birth.
  • The same-day change flight costs between $90 and $150 and is non-refundable.

What is the Process for Changing the Date and Time on Spirit Airlines?

You can change the date and ticket of Spirit Airlines booking by following the below steps on the official site.

  • If you want to change the date and time on Spirit Airlines, go through the “Manage Booking” section.
  • You have to opt for the“My Trip” option on the same page.
  • Next, fill in your last name and ticket confirmation code on the specific columns.
    Now hit the “Search” button.
  • You will see the itinerary details on the screen on the next page.
  • Select the “Change a Flight” option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • The policy depends on the flight’s availability, and you have to pay the fare difference when rebooking a ticket.

Am I Allowed to Make Free Flight Changes on Spirit Airlines?

On Spirit Airlines, passengers can change the flight information as per the travel plans for no penalty. However, you have to apply for a flight change service within 24 hours of the point of purchase.

  • Spirit Airlines change policy of 24 hours, allowing people to modify the name and date on the ticket.
  • Moreover, there is no additional cost for making modifications within the initial 24 hours of the ticket purchase.
  • In addition, one must have booked flight tickets seven days before making a reservation.
  • The airline might put you on the standby flight for making flight changes. To move from standby to confirmed flight tickets, one has to upgrade your flight tickets.
  • If you upgrade the destination of your already booked flight, the team charges an extra fee and the fare difference.

Can I change my Flex flight for free on Spirit Airlines?

Passengers who have booked a Flex flight on Spirit Airlines can make ticket changes for no extra fee. Moreover, the change flight option will allow you to change the date and time of the current flight along with the origin and destination. However, you are not eligible to change the name on the ticket booked with Flex fare.

You can buy the fare when making a flight reservation, and the price may differ. Moreover, you can get the add-on on an itinerary and upgrade flight tickets for free. It is not possible to add the fare after your current tickets. The fare is a complimentary advantage for Free Spirit Gold members.

What are the charges for upgrading a Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket for the same day of the Departure?

Passengers have the flexibility to change tickets on the same day of departure, depending on the fare type. Moreover, the airline will ask them to pay an additional fee, which is non-refundable.

  • Spirit Airlines do not charge an extra fee for changing a flight booking within 24 hours of the initial booking.
  • But if you have bought an award flight, you cannot make changes within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.
  • Moreover, you have to pay $99 for an earlier flight put on standby. Flex flight fares benefit from upgrading tickets for no penalty online on the manage booking page.

Does Spirit Airlines allow Passengers to change an award Flight Ticket?

Spirit Airlines charges an additional sum of $110 to modify a flight ticket booked with miles or reward points. However, the condition applies when you change tickets outside 24 hours window.

If the new ticket fare is more expensive than the previous flight booking, you have to pay the fare difference. Also, the airline will refund the amount as credit in your wallet if the new ticket is cheaper than your earlier flight reservation.

How do I change my seat on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines allows you to change your already booked seats and upgrade them with comfortable and reclining seats. Moreover, you have to pay an extra fee to change a seat during check-in for an additional cost. Also, the seats you want to book depending on the plane’s availability.

Here are the steps that you can follow to change your seats online on Spirit Airlines.

  • First, visit the airline’s official site and find the “My Trips” section.
  • Second, enter your flight details, like last name and flight confirmation code.
  • Now, you will find options to edit, like changing a seat.
  • Check out the seat map and reserve a seat you want to book.
  • Next, you have to pay the fare difference on the payment page.
  • Finally, the airline will forward an e-ticket for your travel and seat number to your registered email address.

Spirit Airlines FAQs

Does Spirit Airlines let flyers waive change flight fees?

Yes, one can save on additional change flight fees by doing the following things-

  • You can choose to change your flights within 24 hours of the original reservation.
  • Additionally, you can freely change or cancel more than 60 days from the scheduled flight departure.
  • Moreover, check with the airline if they offer any travel waiver for flight changes due to unavoidable circumstances.

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