Southwest Seat Selection Policy

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Southwest Airlines Seat Selection : How to Reserve Seat in Advance

Everyone has the desire to feel luxury and comfort during travel in flight. If you wish the same, it would be better to understand Southwest seat selection policy. Here, you will get every important information regarding the seat selection process and policy.

Furthermore, Southwest Airlines provides a different seat selection policy that allows passengers to choose their desired seats. However, they have to pay the charges for it. Moreover, Southwest has an open seating system. Seats are not allocated by the airline. However, it assigned a boarding group, A, B, and C, and a boarding position, 1-60 to the passengers.

Southwest Airlines Seat Selection policy

Passengers need to be attentive while choosing the desired seat due to the unique Southwest seat selection policy terms. If you wish to get complete information, check out the given below terms for better insight:

  • Passengers can select the seats while boarding the plane under the seat selection policy of Southwest Airlines.
  • Moreover, you must visit the airline’s official website to get the current boarding position.
  • In addition, if you wish for an aisle or window seat on the flight, it is advisable to obtain a boarding position near the first half of the travelers.
  • As per the seat selection policy of Southwest, the group and boarding position will be decided when passengers board the aircraft.

If you have any query regarding Southwest seat selection, you can dial the Southwest customer service number at (1 (800) 435-9792) anytime to get assistance from airline representatives.

Southwest Airlines Seating Arrangement Options

Passengers will have various seating options on Southwest Airlines. In addition, it includes Wanna Get Away, Business select, and Anytime seats. To get details of the same, go through the given below points:

Wanna Get Away

For passengers who wish to get a luxurious feel within their budget, then the “Wanna Get Away” option will be perfect for the whole journey. Additionally, you will get comfortable seats with this seating option during flying. In addition, you will obtain additional legroom space, food, beverages, and a variety of entertainment services.

On the other hand, this seating option can not be refundable as they are affordable.

Business Select Seats

If you are going on a long journey, then Business select seats will be the best choice. Besides, it facilitates you with extra comfort over your journey. Also, you can leverage the food services, complimentary drinks, and extra legroom space. Moreover, when it comes to in-flight services, you will get live TV, massage service, and free entertainment with this Southwest Business select seat option.

Anytime Seats

Passengers must know that Anytime seats can be modified anytime without paying extra charges on Southwest. Also, you may acquire ten rapid rewards per $ spent on the seats. Similarly, these reward points can be used for the next booking.

Now, you need to learn how to get the best Southwest seats. Further, read the given below sub-topic for better insight regarding Southwest Airlines seat selection.

How To Get The Best Seats On Southwest Airlines? 

Kindly take a look at the points mentioned below to obtain the desired seat to fly with Southwest Airlines.

  • First, you should check your flight 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. In addition, it will increase the chance of coming into A group of passengers.
  • Similarly, you must try to book your seat on the first flight on the departure date on Southwest Airlines.
  • Southwest considers an open seating system, meaning there are no allocated seats.
  • However, if you book business class seats at or anytime, the chances are high to get the best seats as it has options such as early bird check-in and priority boarding.
  • In addition, if you are a regular flyer of Southwest, then it will enhance the chance of acquiring the best seat assignment of Southwest.
  • So, you must avoid getting late to get the best seating option. However, if you are pushed to the last boarding group, you will not have the best seat.
  • Besides, ensure that you check the seating chart of Southwest Airlines before boarding the flight.

How Much Does Southwest Charge For Seat Selection? 

According to the Southwest Airlines seat selection, you are not allowed to choose a seat in advance and can only select your preferred seats when boarding the plane. However, if you wish to obtain your favorite seat on Southwest, it is necessary to pay charges to the airline. In addition, the Southwest seat selection fee is determined by the booking and ranges between $30 to $40 per flight.

Furthermore, if you get first on the plane, you can choose the best seats. Additionally, if you wish to get more information regarding Southwest seating systems, you can talk to a live person at the airline 24/7.

How To Find The Number Of Seats Available On Southwest? 

If you wish to know the available seats on Southwest, the following points could help you. Below, you will find an easy process to get information on the number of available seats.

  • First, you must go to the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Then, select the flight number, and you will obtain the seats available on the flight.
  • Now, the occupied or booked seats will be highlighted here.
  • After that, you can select your desired seat from the available seats on Southwest.
  • At last, you need to pay the fee to get the best seat on the airline.

Can You Pick Your Seats For Southwest?

Yes, you can choose your desired seat on the plane as Southwest Airlines does not allocate seats to passengers in advance. However, other carriers where the travelers can pay an additional charge for pre-booking for a seat. Additionally, the airline provides an open seating policy to its passengers so that they can sit on their desired seats over their journey as per Southwest seat selection policy.

If you are facing issues while performing the steps mentioned above for Southwest seat selection. In that case, you are free to dial the Southwest Airlines customer service number at +1-860-498-9674 to get better assistance.

Southwest Airlines FAQs

Is Group B good on Southwest?

Yes, if your seat is in Group B, you can enjoy a window or aisle seat. Also, you will find the two seats together if you are traveling with someone.

Is B1 good on Southwest?

B1 is not a bad seating option as there would be family borders, pre-borders, and approx. Sixty people (From A group) in front of you.

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