How to get a Delta Redeem eCredit?

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Redemptions Step for Delta Air Lines eCredits

Did you know that when you cancel a scheduled flight before departure, Delta Airlines offers eCredit? Well, it is not always possible for the team to provide cash refunds. Sometimes, the airline transfers refunds in the form of credits, and you can request for Delta redeem eCredit.

Passengers can enjoy amazing perks by redeeming Delta credits on booking award flights and other services. Moreover, one can save big on upcoming trips and use the credit up to five times per person.

Delta ecredits holders can enjoy an additional year of rebooking facility and boarding flights anytime. However, they must redeem eCredits within or before December 31, 2023, on flights till 2024.

Some Examples of a Delta eCredit

You can use an eCredit as an original form of payment to book a Delta ticket. Otherwise, pay any taxes and additional fees imposed by the government through credit value.  In addition, you can find some examples of an eCredit on Delta Airlines.

  • Use the credit as an unused or partially used flight ticket.
  • The airline may give you a travel voucher in exchange for a residual amount.
  • Moreover, get credit when denied boarding due to overbooking.
  • Delta provides credit in the form of a transportation credit voucher as compensation for a service-related concern.
  • Additionally, receive credits as Delta gift cards and certificates.

How to redeem Delta eCredit to book a Flight Ticket?

One of the best ways to redeem credit is to book a Delta flight ticket. Moreover, the more trips you complete, the more miles you can add to your account.

There are two ways, in case you are wondering how to redeem Delta ecredit to book a flight ticket.

Through a Delta SkyMiles account

  • First, log into your account and visit your profile.
  • Second, enter your personal details.
  • Next, click on the “Certificates, credits, and Vouchers” under the “Profile” section on the left side of the page.
  • On the next page, you will see all your Delta credits, an unused original ticket, and companion certificates. You can also even check the expiration dates.
  • Now, check the voucher box and apply the credit towards booking flights. However, you will have to pay the fare difference if the new ticket is more expensive than the credit’s value.

Note: If you want to apply for multiple credits, Delta Airlines will permit you to use three payment modes online. Consequently, use up to three certificates per booking. Suppose they don’t cover the new airfare fee. Then, choose at least two credits and use a credit card to pay the remaining amount.

Reserve flights normally and pay through eCredits

  • You can redeem ecredit Delta as an original form of payment to book flights normally on the booking page.
  • Next, choose the time for your flight and mention your details. Then hit the “Use eCredits” button on the payment page.
  • Once your credits appear on the screen, you can redeem credits to confirm a flight reservation.

Note: You must choose the vouchers or credits that will expire soon before you miss the chance to redeem them.

Can I Redeem Delta eCredit to Rebook a Flight?

It is as simple as booking a normal flight ticket to make a rebooking. Moreover, to redeem your credit to rebook tickets, you must visit redeem page.

If your booking is linked to your SkyMiles account, find eCredit of canceled flights by logging into your account. However, if you are not a SkyMiles member, you can follow the below steps to make a new flight reservation.

  • First, search for your eCredit using a credit card through which the original ticket was booked. Also, mention your SkyMiles account number or the flight number of 13 digits beginning with 006.
  • Second, find your flight ticket number in your inbox, search for “Your Flight Receipt,” and navigate the email. You will see your ticket number under the “Flight receipt” section.
  • Now, look up and check your eCredit at the redeem page using your credit card, ticket number, or SkyMiles account.
  • The next step is to select your credit available below “Manually Entered Certificates and credits.” You can hit the checkbox and select the ecredit.
  • Continue for a flight search and begin the process of making a new reservation.
  • Finally, you can apply your credit value on the payment page and receive a rebooking confirmation mail from the team.

How to Redeem a Delta eCredit over a Phone call?

Passengers can redeem Delta ecredit by reaching out to the customer service team. Moreover, you can give a call at 800-847-0578 and speak with a flight representative to redeem the credit value.

If you are a SkyMiles member, share your flight details, and the member will check if you have any credit. After that, they will help you book or rebook free tickets to a preferred destination based on the credit value.

Delta eCredit FAQs

How do I redeem Delta eCredit?

You can redeem a credit to book flight tickets or make rebooking after cancellation. So, move to the redeem page, log into your SkyMiles account, and search for your eCredit. Furthermore, apply the value on the payment page and view your flight confirmation on your registered email ID.

A Delta eCredit is valid for the dollar amount, and you must redeem it to book flight tickets. But apply the credit value towards the total cost of air transportation, including applicable charges and taxes. In addition, extensions are not allowed with credit./toggle]

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