Aer Lingus Flight Change Policy

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Aer Lingus Change Flight Policy & Fee

Frequently, planes change, forcing us to cancel or modify flights with hefty penalty charges and restrictive policies. Aer Lingus change flight policy is an exception here. The airline offers flexible conditions and fewer charges to alter itineraries or name on a reservation.

Aer Lingus passengers enjoy the flexibility of changing their itinerary till 2 hours before scheduled departure. However, whether you pay or get a waiver on the flight change fee on Aer Lingus depends upon the fare category of your booking.

Hence, read below for more clarity on Aer Lingus change itinerary rules.

Aer Lingus Change Flight Policy & Conditions

Aer Lingus Airlines flight change policy is flexible yet different from other air carriers across Europe and the Americas. Hence, kindly read out to find out when and how you might have to pay a fee for the modification service.

  • Passengers can modify travel dates, destinations, and timings or upgrade fare types online for bookings made with Aer Lingus.
  • Contact the airline’s reservations team for changes to partner airlines’ connections.
  • Travel extras bought during the original booking do not transfer to a new flight.
  • Hence, passengers must rebook additional flight purchases.
  • Also, you can change the flight itinerary to 2 hours before the scheduled take-off time.
  • Aer Lingus change flight policy declares that change fee and fare difference is subject to fare type.
  • Besides, airlines won’t refund the fare difference if the new fare is lower.
  • Further, passengers can change booking only from the same country original.
  • The new booking must also complete within one year from the original flight purchase date.
  • Lastly, flight upgrades are non-refundable and non-transferable.

To find out what conditions apply to your reservation, dial Aer Lingus change flight contact number 1 (800) 474-7424 to enquire and modify your booking.

How to Change Aer Lingus Flights Online?

The Aer Lingus flight change process is easy, and you can modify your booking from the comfort of your home. Follow the procedure to alter your flight’s date, destination, or timing.

  • Firstly, visit the official website.
  • Go to the Manage Trip menu on the homepage.
  • Enter the booking reference and family name to retrieve the ticket.
  • Further, find the flight change option.
  • After that, enter alternative details and select your flight.
  • Once you arrive at the payments page, find the service you are being charged for.

You may have to pay a fare difference and Aer Lingus change fee to complete the changes. Once done, you will receive a reissued reservation. Kindly download the boarding pass for this new flight during check-in.

How Do I Change My Aer Lingus Flight Via Phone?

The Aer Lingus change policy is accessible over a phone call via customer service. Follow the steps to seek an agent and change your reservation via call.

  • Dial the Aer Lingus change flight phone number 1 (800) 474-7424.
  • Press the IVR key that opens the flight change menu.
  • Besides you can also press the key that connects you to an executive.
  • Provide your current booking details and alternative flight date or destination.
  • The live person will calculate the fare difference and other fees.

Finally, pay for the services, and the executive will reissue the ticket with new changes. You can download the ticket and issue a boarding pass when the check-in window opens.

How Much Is The Aer Lingus Change Destination Policy Fee?

Aer Lingus flight change fee varies for the type of flight and booking mode. Since

Saver or Smart Fares are the most restrictive travel categories; they have to pay fare difference, change fee, and any other fee applicable at the time to modify their flight.

Aer Lingus Change Policy Fee

Transatlantic Flights

Flights Within Europe

€ EUR£




€ EUR£




Change Fee – Paid Online100150403560
Change Fee – For Guest Bookings Or At Airport140120210504080

All fees apply per customer, per flight (wherever applicable), and are valid only on Aer Lingus-operated flights.

Aer Lingus FAQs

Is Aer Lingus charging change fees?

The change fee is waived till January 31, 2023
Passengers only need to pay the fare difference, and the flight change fee won’t apply to their modifications. All other fare conditions will apply as usual. Fare difference means the rise in the cost of that flight after your original booking. After Jan 2023, the change fee would apply as per fare conditions.

Can I get a refund on my Aer Lingus flight?

Yes, indeed. Depending upon the fare conditions, you will receive a refund after canceling your flight. However, if your flight departs or arrives in the USA, you can seek a 100% refund if you cancel it on the booking date. Also, this flight must be booked atleast 7 days before its scheduled departure date.

How many times can I change my Aer Lingus flight?

You can change your Aer Lingus flight as often as you wish until 7 days before the flight’s departure. However, this condition is valid till January 31, 2023. Also, the fare difference applies every time you alter your flight itinerary. Only the change fee is waived for modifications, and no refund is issued if the new fare is lower than the original one.

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